At Student Loan Direct our document preparation experts have helped thousands of Americans that are struggling under the crushing weight of trillions of dollars’ of student debt. We help alleviate the burden and anxiety of financial stress by assisting you in applying for the government's student loan repayment programs. As a document processing organization we work every single day to fight for you, to help you apply for the best possible program to resolve your student loan debt .

We are here to help!

For support, call: 866-298-5553

Located in Southern California, we have helped Americans across the country in thousands of different financial situations address their student loan burden. Our staff has seen every type of loan and scenario and can help you get your student debt under control.

Just like filing a tax return, it's always best to trust an expert that has YOUR best interest in mind! That is what we do with student debt! When you use our loan specialist, you’re getting help from someone who knows these programs inside out and can help get you into a more affordable plan today!

~What People are saying about Student Loan Direct!~

Thank you Maxwell!

It’s such a relief to know that all my paperwork is being filed correctly and on time. One of my biggest stressors is loan debt, but with your service I feel like I can rest easy.

~Christina C


I highly recommend!

SLD saved me half on my monthly payments, and if you look across the life of the loan (with interest), they cut the bill in half! This was well worth the few minutes it took for the phone call.

~ Melissa A.

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Thank you Student Loan Direct.

I wish to thank all at student loan direct for being so nice and patient with me. They were so helpful. I don't know what I would have done without them.

~Danny B.


The best decision I have ever made!

At first, I was a little hesitant to have them help me, but they were able to explain and break everything down in a way that made sense for me.

~ Melody R.


I recommend to everyone I know!

SLD enrolled me into a program that has helped me save over $400 A MONTH on my loans!!! my loans are in good standing, and i’m on track to be forgiven over $35,000.

~Joseph B.


Thank you so much!

Alex was a huge help when getting me approved for the loan forgiveness program! He answered all of my questions and made sure I understood everything accordingly! Thanks so much for the help!

~Rashanelle S